About Us

IQ Manufacturing was founded in June of 2015 by Chris Braniecki and Kelly Vaught, initially intended to support the production of BallFrog, a tennis training device the two invented and had been developing over the previous year.. It didn’t take long for them to realize that the potential of IQ extended beyond that.

The first year of company development took place in Ray Township, Michigan, with IQ occupying 600 square feet of space in the corner of a pole barn. IQ started with a single CNC milling machine and was able to add a second four months after inception, along with a small manual surface grinder.

In May of 2016, after about 13 months in the barn, IQ moved to Auburn Hills, Michigan, into a larger facility. We were able to expand our square footage to 3,300 square feet while also expanding our employee and customer base. We were able to hire more and connect with others in the manufacturing industry during our time in this building.

We continued our growth there for about 3 years before we realized another expansion was needed, and moved down the street to 1180 Centre Rd. in 2019.

Today, IQ Manufacturing is in the heart of the Auburn Hills industrial area, located near many other successful manufacturing companies. With 30,000 square feet of climate-controlled space, a 10-ton overhead hoist, great lighting, and heavy power, the latest IQ Headquarters provides high-end industrial space with ample room to grow.

We strive for excellence here at IQ and continue our journey to be a world class manufacturing company. We’ve come a long way since our humble start in a barn in Ray Township, but there still a lot of work to do to reach our goals. With a continued focus on hiring talented people, investing in quality equipment, and employing cutting-edge methods and technology, the future looks bright at IQ Manufacturing.