CNC Machining Services

Injection Molds and Stamping Dies aren’t all we do at IQ Manufacturing. We have the flexibility and knowledge to handle a wide variety of CNC Machining Applications.

Our CNC Machine services are state of the art, created to suite any size part or prototype.

  • We handle order volumes from one-off parts to long-run production.
  • We cut everything from titanium to foam and ren.
  • All our material is the highest quality on today’s market, and made to last longer than any competitors.
  • We offer 3-axis and 5-axis milling capabilities
  • We invest in high-end equipment and technology to ensure accurate, repeatable, and fast results.
  • We work with many tool steels, aluminum, brass, exotics, plastics and more.
  • We also offer quick turnarounds so you can meet your critical deadlines.

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